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Rule clarification for New Player

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Ok so i'm new to the game and i had some questions concerning the rules.

1. Can you play World cards of any level right away, or is it subject to the same rule that applies for friends, where you cant play a level 3 friend until you have a level 2 friend out, and you cant play a lvl 2 friend without having a lvl 1 friend out. and so on?

2. When participating in a battle on a world and you have friend cards participate, is their magic value added to your player card as well as their support, so if they have a 3 magic and your player has a 1 magic, could you then cast a level 4 magic card?

3. Can you mix english and japanese cards together when making a deck if you use the translated version of the card as stated by major sites, even if those cards are not currently in engilsh print? For example could you use a japanese set 6: Rejoin kairi, in a deck and use her effect legally, since the english version has stopped production?

4. Can you play a valor form card onto your player even if that player already has a wisdom form attached to it? I ask because in the japanese set the master form states that you must remove both a valor and a wisdom form from your player to play it, so wondering if it would be possible in the english version?

5. If you decline from sending friends out during a challenge and then lose that challenge, are all of your friends discarded?

6.  does the rule with cloud and sephiroth apply if you send them out to assist in a challenge on a world, but then fail to destroy all dark cards on that world, does their efect where they go back to the friends area apply or are they discarded because you have to escape from that world?

Thanks for any help you can give. :)

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1. Yes, you can play World cards of any level freely. Worlds are not restricted by the same rules of 'Levelling' as Friend cards are

2. No, unfortunately Magic does not work like that. Each Magic value is individual.

3. I'm quite sure you can't in a sanctioned tournament, however, since there are no sanctioned tournaments the matter would come down to the other players/hosters etc.

4. Valor Form is still called Sora, so yeah, you could. You could only use the effect/stats of the topmost FC though. No double-challenging and an extra draw/magic doubler.

5. No. Only Friend cards that participate in a Challenge are discarded.

6. Sephiroth's effect only works in Challenges. If Sephiroth participated in a Battle with Dark cards, then he'd be discarded as normal. Vice versa for Cloud; doesn't get discarded if he Battles, but if he's used in a Challenge he does. Whether you win or lose the Battle/Challenge is irrelevant in terms of their effects, since either way they remain on the field.

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