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Fun with tractor beams...

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I don't play a lot of competitive builds or tourneys, but I am going to a Store Championship this weekend.

I haven't gotten to play the Quadjumper or Protectorates yet, so wanted to build around them.

Since I don't play much, I'm not the best/most practiced at flying around, so thought Unkar might be fun to try an even the playing field by trying to block other ships and make them run into him. I've read a thread or two that says people like to put a Spacetug array on the Quads for tractor beam fun, but I went with a Intel Agent to see where a ship might fly so I can move and then barrel roll (if necessary) to the right spot. One less point, gets me some info that would help with other ship placement/actions. Overall just a different strategy of moving people after their activations, rather than before which the spacetug array provides. I could always combine the two I guess!

The two protectorates are mostly to get in people's faces: Fenn does what Fenn does, and I threw Stay on Target on Kad because he doesn't mind red maneuvers. Finally, I threw in a PA 9 Serissu also with a tractor beam to mess with the opponent even more, take stress off a Quad or Kad and generally give close ships a defense bump if they can stay close.

Any thoughts on the build or hints on how to fly or group them? 

The only other build I've considered is a Darth Vader and Black 1 and 2, and 2 Black Squadron TIEs to recreate a trench run. Tries to power up Vader with Swarm Leader, but I assume it would still get crushed in most games.



==================== Unkar And Protectors ====================

100 points Pilots


Serissu (25) M3-A “Scyk” Interceptor (20), Wingman (2), “Heavy Scyk” Interceptor (2), Tractor beam (1)

Kad Solus (27) Protectorate Starfighter (25), Stay on Target (2)

Fenn Rau (30) Protectorate Starfighter (28), Fearlessness (1), Concord Dawn Protector (1)

Unkar Plutt (18) Quadjumper (17), Intelligence Agent (1)



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