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is it possible to run a draft event with core sets?

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Draft events are a great way to get new people interested in playing a game. In fact I really want to try the game but i don't have a local play group.

A draft event would be a cheap way for a bunch of new players to check out the game and have some fun. maybe a play group develops maybe it does not. wither way no one is out much cash and we all had some fun.

So are any of you willing to help me understand the particulars of this game's deck construction and how the core set could be used as a draft pool?

how many players would a single core set support? 4 players per core would be amazing but i assume impossible under standard rules? 

should drafting use a different set of deck construction rules? I know netrunner drafts used draft only runners and corps and smaller decks.

any positive thoughts and ideas are welcome.


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