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Jabba The Hutt

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Bossk - Veteran Instincts, Jabba The Hutt, Dengar, Glitterstim - 46

Sabine Wren - Inspiring Recruit, Glitterstim, Inertial Dampeners - 39

Binayre Pirate - Hot Shot Blaster - 15




4 Discardable Illicits to use with Jabba.

Bossk and VI is to have at least one high pilot skill.

Inspiring Recruit to remove the double stress if you want to use Glitterstim and Intertial Dampeners on the same turn.

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2 hours ago, Phanto Fiend said:

I was thinking something very similar but with scavenger crane on Sabine instead of inertial dampener.  If it all goes to plan you would essentially always have a gliterstim to use when you needed it.

Scavenger crane doesn't work on illicits


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