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Jyn's Hair Trigger vs out of turn activations

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can Jyn use Hair Trigger ability on Bantha when playing Jundland Terror at the end of round.

Similar example would be start of round Call the Vanguard with eRangers.

So are these interrupts considered activations so Jyn can trigger her ability?

Hair Trigger: At the start of a hostile figure’s activation, you may interrupt to perform an attack that targets that figure. Limit once per round.


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Getting to perform an attack or perform a move or action are not activations.

Otherwise you would have a movement point pool and would not need to spend the movement points immediately. This would change Jundland Terror - you could then spend 1mp before the attack/special action, and 1 after. But you can't. You can choose the order of gaining the 2mp and attack/special action, but not split the spending of the movement points.

Also see Order / Executive Order. It will still be the Officer's activation, not the figure's who is performing the move or attack.

Only one figure can be activating at a time.

(In the campaign, when a figure "instead of activating normally" activates "abnormally" multiple times per round getting one action per activation, then that figure is still activating instead of just performing an action.


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