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Wiredin's repaints

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Starting at thread for all my repaints... here are my latest, I'll add the others soon! Excuse the pad cell photography...

Hawk : Shadow Hawk :  deep black/blue base coat with gold and green highlights. 



X-Wing - Bling Wing : light grey base coat, thinned citadel ironbreaker wash, gold highlights, a bit of nulin oil




Phantom : Midnight Echos - kantor blue base coat, nightshade wash, some calador sky blue/ceramite white mix highlights and cockpit, ironbreaker on the wings, nulin oil over the ironbreaker.



T-70 X-Wing : Sabines X-Wing 


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1 hour ago, Force Majeure said:

Lovely painting by the way.

I struggle painting the T-65s; I've repainted one 4 different times but I think I finally got it. "All" I had to do was pop off all the laser cannons and both sets of wings from the main fuselage. <_<

lol, thanks!

This is my third repaint of a T65, second T70. my first T70 is pretty cheasy, my other two T65's aren't too bad. 

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Painted up a new T70 to add to the fleet








Also painted up some dials


Silver X-Wing - for my Atturi Campaign

Flame A-Wing - for my main squad

Blue Flame T70 - for my main squad

Stealth Green HWK - for my main squad


Just need another A-Wing and Rebel dial to complete my main flight. Then I'll work on my other squads. 

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29 minutes ago, ObiWonka said:

Not a fan of Sabine's X-Wing, but like all the rest (especially that A-Wing)!

haha thats fine. It's not for every one. I like it. That A-Wing was a blast and probably my favorite of everything I've painted so far. 

Just now, Force Majeure said:

I like the broad strokes. Very impressionistic.


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Hey Wired, great work on the Blue Flame T70, I saw it in the WIP pic on Facebook and it instantly made me think of Van Gogh's Starry Night, the gold on the cockpit fits perfectly with that theme for it as well...


Great job!

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