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Oathsworn Cavalry - swappable bodies?

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After painting one Core Set I picked up a 2nd along with one copy of each expansion.  I assembled the new Oathsworn Cavalry the other night and I'll admit I wasn't paying much attention.  I was in assembly line mode and these are probably the easiest miniatures to put together.  I don't recall having any issues at all with them but I can't remember if I might have trimmed a few corners off the main post that attaches the human torso to the horse's saddle here and there.  I certainly wasn't mashing square pegs into round holes, so to speak.  There are only 2 poses of cavalry, the human is either holding his sword forward while his horses front left is extended or he's holding his sword out to the side and his horses front right leg is extended.

Today I started painting them was startled to notice I've swapped around some of the torsos and horses.  They all look fine, only looking at them in detail do you notice that the same human pose is now sitting on both types of horses.  Given the posts and push-fit design I'm surprised I was able to get them like that so easily.  Am I hallucinating or has anyone else noticed this?

If nothing else, this is an easy "mod" if you want a little more variety in your cavalry :P

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I swapped a few of my cavalry bodies/horses.   

You can do the same with the spearmen arms. A couple quick cuts turns the puzzle-piece peg into a regular peg that can be rotated to a variety of positions.  You can even swap arms between the various torsos.  Massively increases the visual variety.  There is one body that needs to have a bit of the lower/rear/left side of the back trimmed away to accept the different spear arms, but it's one quick slice.

You can also do similar things to the Rune Golems. Rotate the waist, arms, etc..

Pics of all my mods are here:


Most of my mods were just modfiying rotagion with the pegs, but in the post there's also just couple of mods that involved cutting and rotating parts that weren't peged. For example, the cavalry guys have nice big gauntlets that give you the perfect place on the forearm to cut and rotate for different sword-slashing angles.


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