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Optional Rule: Puppeted Cities

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It annoys me how when you capture a city, it's just destroyed. Come on! I just captured a city, and the best I can do with it is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY destroy it?!

So I propose an optional rule to 'puppet' a city.

After winning a battle when attacking a city, a player may choose NOT to destroy the city, or anything in its outskirts. Instead, they may place a 'puppeted' token (idk what this would be, just find some unused token of the player's color to use) on the city, instead of getting any Loot. It is now a Puppeted City. Puppeted Cities contribute trade and coin to your civilization, but cannot perform actions during your city management phase. Wonders in the Puppeted City outskirts have NO effect.

If the civilization that owned the city originally recaptures the city, they get it back as a normal city, NOT puppeted.

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