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Daqan - Orchestra of the Agromancer

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Hi guys,

Here is a Daqan combo I tried out tonight and it output a ton of damage.



Spearmen x9 (59)

Champion: Uncontrolled Geomancer (6)

Equipment: Tempered Steel (3)

Heavy: Front Line Rune Golem (7)

Heraldry: Your choice of heraldry

Music: Aggressive Cornicen (5)


Heavy Crossbowmen x6 (48)

Champion: Dispatch Runner (7)

Equipment: Your choice of equipment

Music: Rallying Cornicen (4)

Training: Simultaneous Orders (2)

How it works:

Initiative 5 - The Spearman Move forward 3 and choose the white Skill modifier. The Aggressive Cornicen turns the 3 move into a charge. Make a melee attack. Then use the skill modifier to activate the Uncontrolled Geomancer.

Initiative 5 - The Heavy Crossbowman make a Ranged attack with the Skill modifier. Attack the same enemy unit as the Spearman above. Then using the Dispatch Runner have the Spearman make another melee attack. Then with Simultaneous Orders activate the Rallying Cornicen to remove the stun token from the Spearman.

Rinse and repeat - Well except in the next round use the initiative 3 attack with the white skill.

I welcome your feedback and any improvements.


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The short answer is it doesn't. It's a war of attrition.

Aim your nine trays of Spearman at your opponents biggest block of units. Lets say another 3x3 block of Reanimates

Your attack with Tempered Steel and say 2 blue runes is 8 damage - avg 5 +1 from tempered steel +2 from Rune Golem (See the Some Dice and Rune Math thread)

The reanimates have lost 8 units or 2 trays.

Uncontrolled Geomancer deals us 9 damage and our opponent another 7 damage - that's 9 damage to me and a total of 15 damage so far to the Reanimates.

The Heavy Crossbowman attack and on avg will do 6 more damage to the Reanimates.

Then the Spearman attack again for an avg of 7 more damage to the Reanimates - 5 damage +2 from Rune Golem .

The Reanimates respond and attack our spearman for an avg of 3 damage - since they only have 2 trays or 8 units left now.

At the End of that first round of contact the Spearman have taken 12 damage and have 6 trays compared to the Reanimates that have taken 28 damage and are down to 2 trays.

Lets not forget the havoc the Uncontrolled Geomancer might have on any other enemy units with range.


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Yeah, everything except the geomancer looks good, but in such a large unit (and one that wants to stay close to another medium sized unit) it just seems like a bad call. I'd much rather include the Lance corporal for better dial flexibility. 

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