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I caught this little science fiction flick at the Seattle International Film Fest last night, and I think the potential to file the serial numbers off and use it for Star Wars is pretty strong:


The story - at a high level - is thusly: Kane is a Lieutenant in ExO, a company that terraforms planets for the people of Earth. One day, he finds out that the company has a side project to create creatures who’ll wipe out populations on some of these planets, in a secret lab in a Supermax prision. The prisoners, in an attempt to escape, accidentally lets these creatures, that start rampaging across the planet. Our lead has to team up with an escaped convict named Sy,travel across the Monster Infested world to save his daughter in the capital city.

The idea of a prision break by the players also setting off a global apocolplyse is a pretty strong game idea. It might be a bit more dark than some groups like to get into, so perpahs some kind of soultion to the inadvertant mess might be in order - but it's still a strong idea.

If y'all want more details, ping me and I'll impart what I remember from the movie - or just check it out yourself.

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