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Engine Techs, Ramming and the Station

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Sooo, decided to branch out away from my usual MC30s this evening and play a twin pickle Ackbar conga line... only for it to get blocked by Demolisher, ending up with Demo and a pickle nudging each other with the latter unable to escape.

Demo was happy to stay there as could ram, and then due to its placing would finish its move on the station, healing the damage. The question here (and we only noticed/ spoke about it after) is if Demo had used Engine Techs to then do a second ram, would it also then heal that damage from the station as well?

We reckoned yes, anyone else with experience of this rather unusual situation?

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Because Ramming and Obstacle overlap are both parts of "Overlapping"

and "Overlapping" happens on maneuvers.

And Engine Techs is a maneuver.



You just have to be careful with the timing of it...

The Damage from an Overlap/Ram on a ship happens, effectively, while you are completing the Maneuver.

The Healing from the Station happens after you have completed the Maneuver.

So you will always take Ram damage first, before Healing...  Always.


This is unlike the "Overlap an Asteroid and a Station at the same time" deal, where the timing is identical and you get to choose the Order.

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