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400pt. GenCon 2 player tourney

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My buddy and I plan on attending GenCon and signing up for the 400pt. Tourney. We are a little confused about the army building part. We each bring a 200pt. Army. That seems okay.... when we combine armies and make it 400pt., what happens if we have the same unique leader? I also ask cause they will be randomly pairing solo entrants. What if they have same uniques? In a 400pt. Army can you mix factions ? I play one faction and my partner plays the other, on the same side? Sorry, but we want to start practicing and have no idea how to build it.....thanks in advance.

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I would play it safe and not double up on uniques. Team Epic in X-wing has rules against teammates having the same unique cards in their squads.

If they are randomly pairing solo entrants, those guys will probably have to adjust their armies right before the matches start.

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Team Play

The Runewars Miniatures Game is designed for two players, but it can be enjoyed by more. To play with a larger group of players, divide the players into two teams as equally as possible.

Using the army-building rules on page 3 of this reference, each team builds a single army with the same point values, regardless of the number of players on that team. Each player takes exclusive control of one or more of his team’s units and makes all decisions for those units including setting the command tool, performing actions, spending boons, etc. Abilities that affect allied units affect all units of that team, regardless of who the owner is.

Players win or lose together as a team. It is possible for all of one player’s units to be destroyed, but for his team to win by destroying all the opposing team’s units or having the highest score at the end of the game.

During the game, players can talk and strategize with each other, but must do so in public (i.e., their opponents must be able to hear and understand all discussion). All players on the same team can see the selections on their teammates’ command tools. - RRG

Each team builds an army following the rules, so that means only 1 of each unique per team.

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