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1 do you have to be the marine atracked to use Magnum Shot? Or you can use Magnum Shot if other marine is attacked?

2 a Demon attacks and rolls lets say three hits. You play Magnum Shot what happens?

2A You take three hits and then the Demon that attacked takes three hits

2B you take three hits and roll the same dice and the demon suffers those hits

2C you do not take the three hits and this three hits are taken by the demon

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The wording of the card is quite clear on both of these. 

1: It says you can use it "after a hostile figure performs an attack", nothing says the attack has to be against you.  As long as you have line of sight and range for the shot, you can play the card and take your shot. 

2: Magnum Shot is played AFTER the attack is resolved, so you would take the 3 damage from the demon's attack roll (minus whatever you get for your defending), then play Magnum Shot, and use it like any other attack.

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The imp has the Hit and Run ability. How does that come into play with Magnum Shot?


Now that I'm writing this, here's what I imagine happens...

1. Imp attacks

2. Imp gains 2 movement points (not spent, but gained)

3. Magnum Shot happens

4. Imp (if still alive) can spend movement points


In the event that two cards have the same trigger between the marines and demons, how do you decide which happens first? There's a "magnum shot" style card for the demons that lets a demon attack again but then be stunned after. Is that one different because it says "immediately"?

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Your imagined series of events is correct. Think of it like this. Magnum Shot is an interrupt, Hit and Run is part of the Imp's activation phase. So Magnum Shot would apply right after the attack, interrupting the Imp's turn.


The other one is trickier. I too am curious about the answer.

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