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Help identifying promo cards?

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can anyone tell me what kits/tournaments these cards came from? And their approximate worth? 

Edit: Pretty sure Han is 2015 Nationals. 

Not sure about the others. 

Had a look on eBay and sold listings show £30~ for Han. £5~ each for Chewie and IG. 

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Rebel Troopers and that specific Elite Trandoshan are from from basic quarterly kits as almost the "participation" prize. - not worth much more than a couple bucks.

IG-88 and Chewy were were the top prizes in their respective quarterly kits - they could be worth around $10 bucks I'd say to the right person.

Han is from 2015 Nationals - I think it was basically a participation prize but last I knew it was also not spectacularly well attended - worth about $25 or more currently. Could go up when he gets fixed some day!

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