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200pt Daqan - not quite deathstars

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So as I play more games, I'm starting to develop preferences in the units I take, and this list is basically just made up of those preferences.

Kari Wraithstalker x1 (32)
--Artifact: Fortuna's Dice (6)
--Unique: Wraith Step (1)
Oathsworn Cavalry x4 (34)
--Equipment: Wind Rune (6)
--Training: Moment of Inspiration (5)
Spearmen x6 (40)
--Champion: Lance Corporal (6)
--Equipment: Shield Wall (5)
--Heraldry: Lion-Standard Bearer (5)
--Music: Triumphant Cry (3)
Rune Golems x2 (28)
Rune Golems x2 (28)

Kari is always a terror, and with Fortuna's Dice becomes an extremely flexible threat. Being able to guarantee an accuracy or mortal strike at range means she can scalpel out figure upgrades like nobody's business, and once she gets stuck in it's still a nice throughput increase.

Cav I've had a really hard time maneuvering so far. They're fast, but they do NOT change direction particularly well - hence the Wind Rune. Plan is to fish for a juicy flank for RRRBW, but with only 5 units I wouldn't be surprised to find myself badly outnumbered and outflanked.

The spearmen are my attempt at an "intermediate" unit - a force to be reckoned with without the price tag of the full deathstar. I've also been burned by Betrayal one too many times - threat 5 is great until it's hitting you! I really like the added flexibility of the Lance Corporal, and Shield Wall is of course great, but I'm less sure of the Lion Standard and Triumphant Cry. Morale is pretty punishing on large units, so helping to mitigate that IS great, but 5 points feels like a lot. As for music options, there are a bunch of really good value choices available, but I'm thinking the free reform just might end up being an extra useful action: each unit only gets 8 per game, so saving a turn late-game to get another charge off would be great.

The rune golems are just good threats. They're slow to move up the board, but with reforms are able to project themselves pretty well in an area. I'm hoping they will also stretch the blight supply thin - they're real tough to deal with without mortal strikes, and every blight that goes on them ISN'T going on the spearmen, cav, or Kari is good.

I'm also considering dropping the golems down to 1 tray each and adding a 2x1 of spearmen with the Rallying Cornicen. I'd intend to use them as a flank guard for the 3x2 spears. I'm not sure how many upgrades they'd have to ready for me to consider them worthwhile, but it's certainly an interesting option.

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Good stuff. I think if the rallying Cornicen only ever rallied Moment of Inspiration on your Oathsworn, he'd be totally worth it.

I also don't know about Triumphant Cry on your Spearmen. They don't really pack the punch to be able to maximize that card. I might just put Rallying Cornicen in there instead to support the Oathsworn. 

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