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[Mafia] Remote Lothal Outpost - Finished

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Also I'm 99% sure they are going to kill me tonight. So I'll speak while I can.

I think the other is dab. I can't really explain why he voted for nobody other than trying to save himself in the next day. Since everyone was going to kill him if he didn't see anything. I'm also not believing he followed cninja night one. He isn't even willing to vote for gil right now who I think is screaming rebel. He followed gil saying broba.

So since right now it looks like we are pointing the finger at these two. There is a scenario where dab votes for gil today to once again get the pressure off of him cause how he voted for both rebels how could he be one. Right? Well if that happens he could them convince one of you, (broba & cninja) to vote for the other tomorrow. With a seemingly convincing story and then the mafia win.

Am I 100% certain these are the two?No but I am as sure as I'm going to be and I hope you guys follow through tomorrow. Unless I'm completely wrong about gil in which case tomorrow won't matter.


Stay strong my brothers!


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8 minutes ago, ovinomanc3r said:

That happens when you kill your superior officer. 

can call all you morons :D

When your transfer request to join BG squad is approved let me know. Until then, this is squad business, and the squad will handle it.

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Just now, Onidsen said:

That was quite fun,  even if I was watching the last bit wondering how the village could possibly lose... And then they did...

:D I know right!?!?!? There I was, reading the three threads (Yay I got inside looks at all three sides! :)),  and thinking 'There's no way they can get out of this'. . . but then they did! GO TEAM!!!! Man I'm elated. . . which is odd, given that I did nothing but watch, but still, watching my teammates pull through such odds is gratifying.

Man, Dab, you have awed me with your masterful manipulations. I don't know if it was all intentional (and perhaps some of it, especially at the end there, wasn't) but dang, you turned them from being certain the rebels were you and Broba to lynching an Imp not once, but TWICE!* Bravo, my man, bravo!

*Gink and Giled. I know you provoked the latter. Ard led the former, but still, your comments helped.

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