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Delayed + Passive?

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8 minutes ago, Chris51261 said:

I was playing a game as Jenny Barnes yesterday and was delayed, but the player in front of me wanted to use her debt discard ability. Are you able to do so while delayed?

If I understand correctly:
Jenny Barnes is delayed and has a Debt.
Another investigator wants to perform the action printed on the Debt card.

In such case: Yes, another investigator is free to do it as long as they're not delayed themselves, and are in the same location as Jenny.

I'm puzzled as to what the "passive" means in the "Delayed + Passive?" thread title.
Is it "passive investigator" as opposed to "active investigator"? At a given moment, only the active investigator is able to performs actions. Not that it changes anything in the above matter.

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No, Jenny was delayed and another investigator gained a debt condition. Can Jenny still use her once per round ability to discard a debt gained while delayed? Sorry for being unclear, re-reading my question I realized how confusing that was, lol.

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