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On 3/10/2018 at 5:28 AM, Richardbuxton said:

Kaz is definitely looking for anyone reacting to him, any looks of recognition. He is paranoid even if this is some filthy backwater. But he is also looking for a drink, lying about what he is doing there and keeping his head low 

So your just laying low as you walk in?

Make a vigilance check at q difficulty of your choosing... Harder check bigger potentiality for result... Also one setback.... The rim is very dim.

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First draft of my character:Character Sheet

I went with Guardian instead of Counselor. I'll probably pick up the Healer tree eventually, but wanted to have that Soresu Technique ability and Protector also had some medical talents. I assumed the 150 extra XP after character generation and an allowance of 500 credits for clothes and a basic weapon. I assumed no lightsaber starting out also, so went with the sword as my starting weapon. Still working on the backstory a bit so I'll add that in later.


@TheShard if you could let me know if there are any changes needed I'll make them. Otherwise if he is good to go Daska will join the group! Perhaps he is already in the bar and gets involved with whatever goes down.

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10 hours ago, Richardbuxton said:

We all got the Saber/9k choice.

also if I’m not mistaken there’s 20 earned xp, or is there more than that?

Ah great, I'd take a real saber then instead of the sword if that's ok @TheShard!


Edit: Also, do I get that extra 20 or no since I wasn't there? Doesn't matter either way to me, but I'll take the free XP of course if it's available!

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