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OK, personal thoughts--


Supply Run for Kaimer-- 

Goo Gun that I can Modify to add the Burn Quality and also the extended Glue Qualities. :)

Tool Kit

Rivet Gun that can also be modified for "just in case" situations... :)

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Keywords to search:

  • Prison/ Prisoner
  • Force/ Jedi
  • Rebel/ Resistance
  • Cell/ Unit
  • Asset/ Recruit
  • Security/ Intelligence
  • Facility/ Depot
  • Base/ Headquarters
  • Squad/ Squadron
  • Weapon/ Munitions

If there is a way to utilize this ship quickly, while its status may not yet be fully compromised, I say we go for it.

Also- if we're going to the trouble of copying identifying features and collecting credentials, we should probably not notify families, however well-intended the gesture. Better to leave the special unit's rogue status in question, in case their identities are used as legends in future.

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I don't think I can add much to the keywords we already have. Perhaps "Deployments," "Fleet," and "Storage" but that last one is partially covered by "Depot."

I agree we'll probably have to use the ship quickly for maximum chance of avoiding detection, but as shown in episode VI if we can find the right codes we can keep using it. But, without those we'll need to use it quickly if we're going to.

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Ok so sorry for the delay things are really crazy around my place.

Ok so you find many listings of prisoners over the service life of this vehicle. Mostly withen the last few months. However they are identified by codes so other than knowing this ship has had a number of prisoners especially recently its not specific. A few of the prisoners are identified as highly dangerous.

You also don't find anything but passing mentions of rebels or rebellion activity, which is strange considering that a large part of the push into this part of the outer rim is to destroy rebellion cells that have used the low imperial presence to hide and thus launch surprise attacks.

You find lits of equpiment detailing various munitions and weapons for various dates. A few of the dates line up with those prisoners deemed highly dangerous.

Fleet designation is 0, you don't know if that's a proper designation, or the absence of one. Their seem to be no central base or planet. However this ship is definitely housed aboard the star destroyer Purgator.

Squad designations are also simple codes.

If you or someone you show the designations want to give me a hard warefare check you might learn something.

I'll post some answers to the others searches later. It'll take more time to continue searching so that's up to you how you want to use your characters time.



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