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Firesprays in their natural habitat!

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So! I took Firesprays to a tournament at Galleon Games in the UK. I've been experimenting with them for a little while but between playing against this Gentleman at Dice Saloon in Brighton and watching Julian's game on the gold Squadron podcast I decided to try them out beyond the practice ranges.

The list

so, I chucked out all my testing which so far proved only partially satisfactory and adapted Julian's list slightly to This. I agonised over a few changes to builds I've run like VI on Boba but in the end I ran almost the exact shamelessly  plagiarised list swapping out extra munitions for glitterstim.

The damage output was awesome, Kath never got fewer than four hits on attacks all tournament. Fearlessness on Boba? Five hits range one? Yes please! Firesprays are a little squishy, but if you are deleting ships fast it's less of a worry.

game one - Graham

A lovely chap, relatively new to the game. He brought Oicunn in a lightly built decimator backed by two Zeta /FOs and two Academy ties. he deployed spread out across his edge and tried to meet in the middle in a nice pincer with partial success. I went straight fir Oicunn as he was the only one really sure to do damage and burned him down in two turns of shooting. From there it was hard for him to push damage through. 100/0 win.


game two - mark

Mark brought a disgusting list of horror featuring Backdraft, omega leader, Zeta leader and dark curse. He set up slightly apart hoping for a flanking attack - backdraft with OL, dark curse with Zeta leader. I feinted toward the first group and blasted the second. There was an uncomfortable turn where backdraft had range one out of his front arc at Boba and rear at Kath, but I got him off the board, followed by Omega and Zeta, but not before he killed Kath. There followed a frustrating chase of not being able to kill dark curse and him not being able to kill Boba. Got him eventually - got to love fearlessness! 100/52 win


game three - Pete

Pete has played swarms on and off since I met him and us very good at them. This one featured lots of named ties - howlrunner, scourge, chaser, wampa, an academy pilot and Sabbacc. I was dreading this list - three crack shots and a ton of modified reds coming my way meant bad bad things. He set up in one corner, I went diagonally opposite. I tried to draw him through the rocks but he was having none of it, so I turned in to try and catch him with only two ties pointed at me rather than a rank of three. He predicted me and did a beautiful redeploy marred only by his academy barrel rolling out of the way of Chaser but ending up the only one in range of Kath with no token HLC, reroll blank , expertise = four hit vs blank focus evade. One down with no shot. Cool. Next turn I try to turn Kath to open her rear arc - I'm only going to win if I delete a tie a turn, that gives me the best shot I reckon. Only problem is he comes in card and blocks Kath so she's got no shot. Boba bumps, so no target lick for the missile, but range one on scourge. I take the shot and manage to oneshot scourge receiving seven damage on Kath in return. Ouch!kath manages to run while the rest of the ties get stuck around Boba an I kill them without further loss. I don't think he deserved to lose that one - pretty much every move I made, he blocked, but his dodgy green dice couldn't keep up with the consistent four hit attacks coming his way. Sometimes it's a dice game. Win, 100-26.


game four - Dale

i haven't made a final for two years, and this guy has done regionals around the country, one in Poland and the Madrid open. He's got sparkly dice, and he beats me a lot. Eep! To say I'm nervous is an understatement. He's got QuickDraw with swarm leader, tie d Vessery with tractor beam and Wampa. He sets up in the corner. I bite - lets joust! Last time we played I left QuickDraw alone until the endgame and never, ever again. I eat dice from Vessery who reduces Kath's agility before pouring on the hurt and QuickDraw  piling on. Boba shoots off all three shields from  QuickDraw who pumps more shots into Kath. Kath gets four hits in in exchange and kills off QuickDraw before eating another two from wampa. She's got one hull left. Eep! Vessery breaks off an wampa k turns behind me and is killed by combined rear firepower. Kath runs while Boba goes after Vessery. 100/26


So, 4-0 with sprays and some swag to show for it. Great games and sponsored by a great store. Watch out, they may have a go at store champs next ;)


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9 minutes ago, jwilliamson12 said:

Congrats! Well done. That's an unusual amount of TIE Swarm variants in today's game. Good call going straight for QuickDraw. I always end up losing if I don't go for it first. Looks like a fun time!

It was an interesting balence of lists, three each of Scum and rebel and eight imperial I think! Second place was a Rey/Corran list, third was Pete who I played in round three, fourth was Dale who I played in the final, so all the factions got represented in the top three. 

I like this tournament as it doesn't tend to attract mainstream lists so we can all fly things that are a little more unusual, and actually it's good because I discovered that it's not swarms that I need to worry about with the sprays, but that's another story!

9 hours ago, Strahleo said:

Great report and well done sir.  So thinking of trying this at the store champ or monthly tournaments?

Not sure, it's great fun but I'm having cravings towards fighting once more for the glory of the Empire. We shall see!

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