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New player here... I have a couple of decks I'd like some feedback on.

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Hello everyone! I just got into this game a couple of weeks ago. So far my purchases has been the starters, a booster box of SoR, and maybe another 20 or so booster purchased randomly over time. So far I've build a couple of fun decks and am working towards a Jabba/Unkar deck (so far just missing those jabbas lol). Anyway, I have a couple of decks I'm working on that I'd like your feedback on. The first deck is a Palatine/Tie Pilot deck and the cards listed are cards I currently own and I'm looking for what cards to get to improve the deck. The second deck is an eIG-88/FN-2199 deck that so far I have some of the cards for, but for the most part the deck is just theorycraft and I'd love some feedback on what cards should really make it work. Anyway, here they are:




Tie Pilot


Moisture Farm


Force Push

Infantry Grenades

Lure of Power

Mind Probe

DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol

F-11D Rifle x2


Rocket Launcher

Now I Am the Master

Force Speed

Force Throw


Rise Again

Salvo x2

We Have Them Now

Aim x2

Sustained Fire

Use the Force x2


Undying Loyalty x2


Power of the Dark Side

E-Web Emplacement x2

Supply Line x2

First Order Tie Fighter


The obvious card to get for this deck are 2x Force Lightnings. This deck is currently limited on the cards I own, so I'm sure there is a lot of room for improvement. I would love to make this deck a mean as possible. Concept is simple. The naked character dice alone can potentially do 8 damage (3 and +3 plus Emperor's ability) Plus I love how the Tie Pilot makes it impossible to mess with my ranged damage dice. All this deck really wants to do is roll high ranged damage and if it flubs, then dice can be fixed with Aim Use the Force, and We Have Them Now. So far playing it I really like to have early Supply Lines or Force Speed so I can have lots of early supply which helps pay for things like E-Web and Rocket Launcher damage.


Second deck I only have a few cards so pretty much everything in it is just theory:





Starship Graveyard


Holdout Blaster x2

Vibroknife x2

VibroKnucklers x2

Ascention Gun x2

Flame Thrower x2

Gaffi Stick x2

Thermal Detonator x2

Rocket Launcher x1

Z6 Riot Control Baton x2

DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol x2


Slave 1

E-Web Emplacement x1

Infamous x2


Electroshock x2

Arms Deal x2

Cheat x2

Scrap Buy x2


The purpose of this deck is to keep dropping weapons on 9 for the free rolls and replace them with other weapons so that I don't have to pay the supply cost, and IG can recover discarded yellow weapons when he rolls his special. There are lots of other ways to recover discarded weapons but the downside is there is no dice control for me or to use against my opponent (except for electroshock). I can always discard cards for re-rolls, which is fine since I can easily recover what I discarded. Anyway, your thoughts on making this deck more effective will be highly appreciated.


Thank you in advance for your thoughts! :)


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I'm not sure what I think of the Palpatine deck. It just seems like you'll get destroyed with only two dice on the table at the start of the game. I've tried a number of Palpatine decks (I only own one Palpatine dice...) and they've all failed.

I like the IG-88/FN-2199 combo a lot! That seems really cool. I'd go with that deck - I like how many upgrades you have in there for FN-2199 to burn through and then IG-88 to pick up. My one question is about Cheat and Scrap Buy - do you really need them in there? I think IG-88 does a good enough job picking up discarded stuff that you need. I might put in Improvisation and Outmaneuver, maybe even Fast Hands instead.

Good luck! May the Force be with you!

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A Palpatine deck's strength is its quickness and its endurance. The supports you've chosen will slow the deck down, leaving Palpatine vulnerable. He needs to roll out, resolve, and claim quickly in order to maintain the initiative and win games. Consider 'Force Illusion' if you have it (if not, it shouldn't be hard to trade for) and a second copy of 'Rise Again' (if you have it). Premonition is a good way to cheat 'Rise Again' out for cheap, but it can be finicky.

The TIE Pilot is a good choice for his offsider, though. Protecting Palp's die is huge.

I've seen a few variations on the eIggy/FN-2199 duo. Yours looks solid. If you absolutely needed a note, I think you could safely drop E-web and something else for 'He Doesn't Like You' - HDLY is hands down one of the best mitigation cards in the game. It's almost criminal not to include it (even in theory).

Overall, they're both very coherent decks for a self-confessed beginner. Good job.

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I am not sure if there are cards yet to make Palp good. Your upgrades need to come free, from holocron, and he needs a lot of control events. He also needs his thrown room to set off his upgrade specials.

IG-88 is again another character that doesn't yet have the cards. He needs weapons and equipment, yellow at that. FN-2199 just needs weapons. So you are looking at yellow weapons and there just aren't that many and you got a bunch that are melee. I really like IG-88 the card, but the FN combo really isn't a combo yet. IG may be the boss in December but for now he will be chucking detonators. FN will probably find a better pairing than IG-88. Something that is either melee or control. With Sabine coming in the next set, I would look for some other thermal type card that gets disposed of but can be reused. Death trooper has a good die and can compliment IG-88 well. Get that guardian upgrade on him and armor plating that will keep coming back. Cards like Friends in High Places and Ace in the Hole works well with IG-88. I can see cargo hold working with IG-88, make that guardian/armor plating real annoying, but also Emperors thrown room with Ascension gun and Thermal is rather powerful. Resolve specials, Ascension gun first - Emp Thrown Room to set Thermal, detonate, IG-88 special - retrieve thermal. See also Cunning. Not choosing your battlefield is necessary of course.

Also, if you are poping a thermal every turn, Relentless pursuit just to finish some one off for free.

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Your Palp deck is in trouble. I am on the fence as well about Palp alone or even with Tie Pilot. But I know it is a high risk high reward deck. Palp needs big damage like Force Lightning, Force Push, Force Throw, and Mind Probe. Speed like Force Speed and Hold Out Blaster. Ways to Pay like Sith Holocron and It Binds All Things. Then events for major mitigation. Finally healing. Force Heal and Force Illusion are good. The major event would be Rise Again and Price of Failure depending on if Palp flies alone or with Tie Pilot. With all the new cards he still need more. He is broken in some ways and weak in others.

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