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Screeds Ds

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Here's something for you guys to consider - 


GSD Demolisher, APT, ET, OE

GSD, APT, ET, OE, Screed

Gozanti, ExHangar

Gozanti, ExHangar, Chireneau




5 TIE Ds

1 TIE Adv



That list went up against 2 AF2 with RLB, GR75 and TRC90 and won.

My opponent's 4 sqd Luke-Xball got jammed at round 1 and he was forced to drop his Bs on the spot. 

It was a close fight but Jendon and the D-ball pulled through. Demo killed the TRC90 and Screed killed his other AF2 by ramming. 

Of course Screed's D-ball is a risky list but hey, heck a lot of fun espionage with Jendon.

Why don't you guys try it and enjoy the salted popcorn (if any)

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Defenders are not so effective against ships Sure this list works great against squadron-heavy lists, but it would definitely need some bombing. Maybe adding a few TIE/Bs or Decimators.

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