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Small fleets to teach the game

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I'm expecting to teach someone Armada on Saturday and want to have something more advanced than the basic core set game ready, to hopefully give a more accurate idea of what Armada feels like. Aside from the basics that are taught in any game scenario (attacking, moving, things you have to know in order to play) I'm hoping to include slightly more advanced concepts. He's played X-Wing so I'm thinking I want a non-standard crit, for example. Here are my tentative lists. He'll get his choice of which to play. 

We'll play the core game if he thinks that will be better for him. I want to have these planned out in case he'd rather learn this way.

These lists aren't supposed to be especially strong, just reasonably balanced. I'm willing to scrap one or both and start over if need be. 


MC80 Star Cruiser

-General Dodonna

-Gunnery Team

-NK-7 Ion Cannons (to teach non-standard crits and also strip the brace token from Relentless)


Assault Frigate Mark II

-Skilled First Officer

-X17 Turbolasers


GR-75 Medium Transports

-Leia Organa 


5 X-Wings

Advanced Gunnery

Contested Outpost

Solar Corona



Imperial II-class Star Destroyer

-Admiral Motti

-Gunnery Team

-Reinforced Blast Doors 

-X17 Turbolasers (is this a little too strong here?)



Arquitens-class Light Cruiser

-Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (to teach alternate uses for defence tokens)


Gozanti-class Cruisers

-Comms Net



4 TIE Fighters


Opening Salvo

Contested Outpost



The objectives were chosen mainly for simplicity, with that being more important than what was necessarily the best option. For example I chose Contested Outpost because "put this near your side and keep your big ship close to it" is easy to explain without getting too deep into detail. I'm aware that the TIEs are probably going to get torn to shreds, I'm fine with that. The X-Wings should help counter the threat of the ISD. The Rebels have Leia mainly to help offset the difficulty of Command 3, the Imperials deal with it by taking Relentless. I'm worried the ISD is too strong, because if the Liberty goes down too fast it's all over for the Rebels. X17s are the thing I'm most iffy on. I'm wondering if they should just be Dual Turbolaser Turrets instead. 

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The only note I'd suggest (and its a little, personal one - so please, Ignore if desired :) ) - is switching out NK-7s for Ion Cannon Batteries:

1) it maintains the "non-standard crit" desire (which I think is also important), also has a conditional element, but more importantly for me:

2) NK-7 has the downside of the defender choosing what token to discard, so its usually not the important one, which can lead to "instant gratification-disappointment" :D   (You want something good to happen, you happened to get everything in place to do it and now.........  its irrelevant...)

Other than that, I think its pretty good, and should showcase some things...  XI7s are always powerful on an Imp, but equally, y'gotta learn that somewhere :)


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