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Gozanti Deck Plans Revisited

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*Extremely Minor Thrawn Spoilers below*

I finished reading Thrawn about a week ago, which has inspired me to jump back into Star Wars RPG.

One ship that I always liked and wanted plans for was the Imperial version of the Gozanti cruiser. I wasn't really satisfied with any of the existing Gozanti deck plans since they didn't do the "freighter" part of the description particularly well, so I ended up making my own. Hat tip to http://ravendeviant.deviantart.com/art/Gozanti-05-Schematic-599079580 for the Ortho views.

Freighter Configuration: This is what I imagine the Imperial refit of the basic armed freighter to be. Since the Imperial one seems to be packing less firepower than the original civilian one, I figured it got a speed boost instead.


Assault Carrier Configuration: I'm not really sold on the idea of such a light ship being the basis for an ASSAULT carrier, but here it is nonetheless, with dedicated areas for starfighter CIC and supply. This design probably works fine as a fighter carrier for convoy escort duty while retaining enough cargo space to carry a decent amount of cargo as well.



Patrol Ship Configuration: This is the variant that I imagine the Blood Scar to be. I am of the opinion that the Gozanti platform is too small to be an effective long-period patrol vessel, but here's my best guess as to what such a vessel should have. I added back the deck guns removed from the civilian version and added a light turbolaser to give it some upgraded punch against what pirates/smugglers would normally have access to. Troop space and a brig have been added to better serve the intended policing job. Finally I added spots for 2 VCX type shuttles to dock since I really can't imagine a full sized Lambda being used while Thrawn was serving on the Blood Scar.


Troop Transport Configuration: I imagine the troop transport "Construction Gear Transport" Sempre to be a further modification of this variant. The normal version has space to accommodate 80+ troops and heavy equipment, while the "Construction Gear Transport" can move 60+ units of "construction gear."



Imgur compresses the images pretty badly, so here's a PDF version of these deck plans if you want to use them for any of your games: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByJJ7lvKCoPXN2F6ZGlJb0Y4eTg


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Nice work.  These look great.

In my AoR game I have an ISB agent as a hidden protagonist.  I was planning on having a Gozanti as his ship that harasses the PCs throughout the campaign.  I planned on using the Assault Carrier Configuration to jump out of hyperspace and send some TIEs to help fight them.  As the campaign continues, and the Rebels continue to get away, the TIEs will be upgraded to better models.

However, the deck plans have inspired me!  I am going to make it that he has a fleet of Goazanti to call on, in the different configurations, that I can use through the campaign.

I can picture the PCs now going "not another Goaznti! Where are they coming from!" :)

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Tangentially related 

I've got the consular cruiser deck plans from colonial chrome, theses are of the ship as of the Phantom menace when according to wookieepedia the ship is 115 meters long.  However the clone wars cgi series introduced the charger c70 refit which increased the length to 138.x meters according to wookieepedia, it also dramatically increased the cargo capacity.  I haven't been able to find a deck plan of the charger refit.  I'm wondering if anyone here knows of one or perhaps the OP might be generously inclined to give it the same treatment he gave to the gozanti?  :D

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These are all great. Thanks for the deck plans! In my EotE, we have made a Gozanti cruiser a major set piece. It started as an ISB ship that was antagonistic to the PCs. They decided to take it over in space, which was probably one of my favorite sessions. A couple things to note:

1) I used the Freighter configuration (using the above deck plans). I like the freighter because the cargo hold is big and empty which allowed for a nice combat encounter when they tried to embark. Citing the Order 66 podcast good encounter design rules "keep it long". Also, this allowed me to populate the cargo hold with other stuff that might be interesting, like droids and speeder bikes and random things that provide cover.

2) I put a blast door between the cargo bay and the workshop. The blast door closed when an alarm was sounded. I also put a pressure curtain on the cargo hatch in the cargo hold. The combo of these things forced/allowed them to do a space walk from the cargo hold to the forward airlocks to get around the blast door and gain access to the forward part of the ship. This was super fun and I took the opportunity to have a probe droid attack them on the outer hull. 

3) I've allowed the docking clamps to be somewhat universal so they could also dock things like their YT-2400 on it. If they land somewhere, they have to detach any ships first. Also I didn't allow them to dock an X-wing given the design of the cockpit and hatch etc. This once caused a little complication when one of my PCs tried to emergency escape a disabled X-wing, but it all worked out:)

All in all, I really like the Gozanti's. I think they are a good size for a small imperial force and versatile enough for a number of different encounters. My PCs kept one and eventually 'gave' it to the rebellion. We're approaching our campaign finale and I'm hoping to let the ship play a role in the final outcome since it's become an important part of our campaign.

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