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16 hours ago, CarringtonRW said:

What were the measurements for your Magnets?  How did you secure them?

1x5 mm and superglue to secure them.

Filed down the pegs on the trays and the middle part of the bottom side of the base. As soon as I had one figure and one magnet on a tray done, I used those as template to ensure the same position and orientation of the magnet.

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11 hours ago, CarringtonRW said:

Thanks!  So something like a 2/10"x1/32" I'd guess. 

3/16 x 3/64 there abouts.  Tenth of an inch?  Not a measurement you'll run into often in trade, nowadays (yes it did have some previous niche use though) .  Now if we could all come into the past and use the metric system :D

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