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Thanks guys.

I'm still considering the shield decal. Think I will go without one for starters, then maybe add one later on.

My biggest concern is if I will ever get all 32 done (plus cavalry, golems and Kari)

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Thanks for asking.

Well at some point I got fed up with painting and took at long break. Just started again last week.

Still only got one completely done. The next 23 is in base colors only (no shading, highlighting and basing):


Last 8 is still work in progress:


When I'm done with base coloring those, I think I'll switch to the cavalry for variety before shading, highligting and basing the spearmen.

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6 hours ago, Budgernaut said:

Now I can't wait to see how your Golem turns out!

Me too :D

I really want to get the spearmen and cavalry done before concentrating on the golems and heros. Its just taking forever :( 

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