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Daqan List (200pt)

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There are a few good starter 200 point lists for Waiqar on these forums, but I haven't seen anything specifically for Daqan.  I've put together the following list for my Daqan forces.  I have 3 cores.

Kari Wraithstalker + Heartseeker (42 points)

Spearmen 2x1 (18 points)

Spearmen 3x3 + Front Line Rune Golem + Trumpets (68 points)

Oathsword Cavalry 2x1 + Rank Discipline (24 points)

Oathsword Cavalry 2x1 + Rank Discipline (24 points)

Oathsword Cavalry 2x1 + Rank Discipline (24 points)

Idea is pretty simple.  Rush the 3x3 Spearmen brick up the gut of the board.  In my experience, it can pretty much go toe-to-toe with anything anyone runs right now.  If its going to run into archer cross fire, turtle up with the extra defense while still pushing forward.   Use your Cavalry to protect your big brick's, flanks, and look for other flanks.  Use the 2x1 Spearmen unit to Shield and deliver Kari to somewhere that she can wreck havok with ranged from out of Line of Sight with Heartseeker and be in position to clean up toward the end of the fight.

Been simple and fun so far, although I haven't really played anyone that would be considered a vet of miniature games to give a real challenge.

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