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Radio Out Alternate Card, Has Anyone Tried it?

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Has anyone tried playing with that 'Radio Out' extra card available for download on BGG?


The gametext is:


Radio Out

Timed Event

Radio Silence +10

No talking until every marker has passed this point



It seems really neat, but I was thinking it may harm the game more than it helps, for instance, if you can't talk, how do you inform everyone what you'll be fixing and how many minutes you'll use, etc?

Also, does anyone know how valid it is that this was actually a card originally proposed for in the game?

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Wow - that is an interesting mechanic.

The problem about these coop games is that I think that most people break the rules a bit. True co-op games do not allow in depth strategy talking during the game. Reference Shadows over Camelot.  I think that the game becomes pretty easy if you plan out with everyone exactly what to do. I mean that in general - not only limited to Red November. I think that RN got it right in the sense where there are so many things working against you that it is hard to strategize from turn to turn.


Truly random and frustrating - but hella fun.

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