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So, apparently, Rieekan is "broken" levels of OP. What fixes him?

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12 minutes ago, thecolourred said:

if you think about it, we're at wave 5 for Armada.... and wave 5 for XWing was the height of PWT (Fat han, Super Dash, Admiral Chirpy + whisper). If you look at the Meta in XWing, you see much less of that nonsense because they fixed it with other releases (Autothrusters was in wave 6, as was the core rule nerf to large ships[half points] and the nerf to whisper).  So, as far as the timing goes for breaking the game... we're right on track. 


Both of those releases didn't kill large based ships with PWT... but it let you take more diverse builds.


Now, I don't see anything in wave 6 that particularly says "screw you, rebel Aces"... but maybe the quasar with flight controllers and 6 defenders might have something to say about it...

There is a few things FFG can do in the meantime. Errata and provide stricter rulings comes to mind. I do prefer releases to balance the game since it's less invasive.

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I don't see why we have to fault the finalist so option to field Task Force Zombie.


All's fair in love and war.


It's a competition, of course you want to win. Plus as a commander, you'd want to minimise your losses and maximise the enemy's and that is what the finalists have done. 


I don't see the point in all this chatter.

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