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Elf hero and command expansion

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10 hours ago, Budgernaut said:

I admit, it would be pretty awesome if there was a second dial and unit card in there for running the heroes singular. And not only do they not show Maegan's base, but her deployment card, objective, and terrain card are also missing from the spread, meaning we have no idea if there are things omitted from the other heroes' spreads as well.

[2 figurines en plastique non peintes, 1 piédestal de personnage, 1 plateau de mouvement, 1 tuile terrain, 1 outil de commandement, 1 carte Unité, 1 carte Terrain, 1 carte Déploiement, 1 carte Objectif, 6 cartes Amélioration et 11 pions divers.]

Ankaur Maro pack from Edge  (french version)

It says : 2 unpaint plastic figures , 1 Diorama, 1 Movement Trays, 1 Terrain piece, 1 Command Tool, 1 Unit card, 1 Terrain card, 1 Deployement Card, 1 Objective card, 6 upgrade cards and 11 Tokens.

It seems the infantry version is just an upgrade. And the same for Hawthorne.


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