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J Viz

Hangar Bay Lists

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I'm playing a hangar bay tournament where the two lists can be the same faction but cannot contain the same ships or upgrade cards. My second list is pretty much set as:

Red Ace w/ R2-D2, Comm Relay and Shield Upgrade

2 x Red Squadron Vet w/ Predator, R2 Astro and IA


My options for the other list are

Han Solo (Original) w/ Expertise, Gunner, C3-PO, Engine Upgrade and Evade Title

Jake Farrell w/Push the Limit, Veteran Instincts, Prockets, Title and Autothrusters


GSP w/ Swarm Leader, PTL, Refit, Title and AT's

3 x GSP w/ Juke, PTL, Refit, Title and AT's


The ace list gives some arc dodging shenanigans and is my main list. The GSP list is something I have been meaning to try and should be durable and if they are all pointing at the same opponent ship they should cause trouble with Juke and Swarm Leader but would leave me with two mid-level PS lists.


What would you guys go for?

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General advice is to take the one you're most familiar with. On the other hand I like taking something less familiar to informal tournaments just to get lots of flight time.

One of the beautiful things about hangar bay though is the ability to take lists with different strengths and weaknesses, and your 4A list is a very similar type to your 3X.

With your question parameters I would recommend Han+Jake as your second to the 3X. Personally, of these three lists, I would take the aces Han+Jake and the 4A (because I love A-wings)...

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Yeah, I'd love to run those 2 lists as well but hey ho. I don't get a chance to play much so the only reason to take the 2 swarmy lists is to practice 2 lists at the same tourney.


Thanks for the feedback

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