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Poll - May 25, 1977 - A New Hope? The Original Release?

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I was tragically robbed.

My parents didn't know/care about SW. They were too busy fighting and getting divorced. Now, I do think it was my father's mistress who gave me a Luke Skywalker action figure along with an R2-D2, without knowing exactly what it was. That happened just before I left the United States.

Outside of the US, I kept seeing SW things, which looked like my Luke & R2, but I was never told what it was until 1983, when my younger aunt and uncle (who were fans) bought me a Kenner AT-ST walker, and sat me down to watch the movie on the TV.

I was hooked, but due to poverty and ignorant parents, was not able to see Empire Strikes Back 'till much later. Most of Star Wars I read before I saw it, thanks to the school library. Also, it was all completely out of order, and my childhood friends spoiled EVERYTHING long before I really had the chance to see things properly.

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