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Norra, Biggs and Asohka go looking for trouble...

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Looking for thoughts onthe below list. Last local tournament here inSouth Korea I went 3-0 with Norra, R4D6 Biggs, and stress bot Nien. This time I wanted to tweak the formula and have some fun. What do you all think?

TIE Fighter: · Ahsoka Tano (17)
     Veteran Instincts (1)
     · Captured TIE (1)
     · Sabine's Masterpiece (1)
     · Sabine Wren (2)
     Scavenger Crane (2)
     Proton Bombs (5)
ARC-170: · Norra Wexley (29)
     Push The Limit (3)
     Seismic Torpedo (2)
     · R2-D2 (4)
     Vectored Thrusters (2)
     Tail Gunner (2)
     Alliance Overhaul (0)
X-Wing: · Biggs Darklighter (25)
     · M9-G8 (3)
     Integrated Astromech (0)
-- TOTAL ------- 99/100p. --

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