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Curious: how do you prepare for your game sessions?

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Discussion thread here, no problems need solving near as I can tell.  So, how do you folks get ready to run your campaign?

I just put in a mountain of work and had a great session last night with the group.  I'm getting things ready for the campaign and was doing some housekeeping on my notes, creating templates, etc. 

I got me to thinking.  It is a -lot- of work to prepare for sessions.  Especially because I don't have a lot of experience running WH40K games, so there's not a lot of stuff that I can fall back on.  I enjoy it, it's a labor of love else it would never get done.  But perhaps there are some tricks or different methods that ya'll use.  Maybe I can pilfer a few of your ideas and try them out for future planning.

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I get a general out line of what's going on, who the major players are. Set pieces I intend on using eventually.

That equals about 1-2 pages, but can expand to 3-4 if I grab specific lore I want to have on hand, and stat blocks I don't want to keep pulling up.

During a session I keep notes on what the players do, about 1 page.

Then after the session I thing about what happened and what will happen as a result, about 1 more page.

It's all a matter of what you're comfortable with.

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