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How is time kept in WH40K?

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I asked this a year or two ago but haven't GM'd this system much since then and forgot.

How do I read time/date stamps in this game?  For instance 817.M41

I think that means the year 41,817.  Typically a more exact time/date format, such as 7252.777.M41, is also seen.  I interpret that as the year 41,777.  The first four numbers are thousandths of a year.  So 0001.777.M41 would be the above year and roughly 8 hours, or January 1st, 0800 HRS, 41,777.

A present day example would be 0001.017.M2, this would be 0846 HRS 01JAN2017.

Is that accurate?  A thousandth of a year (365.25 days) turns into 8.4596 hours.  I rounded up the seconds.

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