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On 2017-04-24 at 10:07 PM, Yoritomo Reiu said:

As someone else said similarly earlier, I think the issue is that there's a bit of an "uncanny valley" effect at work in L5R because they've made Rokugani into "Japanese but with mistakes". All the correct stuff makes the errors stand out.

If they'd taken the Skyrim approach you describe and just stuck with Japanese-ish sounding gibberish, there'd be no problem.

Fair enough. My knowledge of Japanese is so basic that L5R sounds like perfectly authentic fantasy samurai speak to me. :)

But sure, I buy that the uncanny valley effect would irritate more fluent readers.

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What is really bad?

One doesn't even need to rely on Japanese dictionaries to look up individual words anymore.

Bring up Google Translate, type it in.... and maybe reverse the translation just to make sure you didn't screw it up by getting the wrong homonym. It still doesn't work particularly well for whole sentences-- but for names like "Black Castle" it works just fine.

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41 minutes ago, Nagori-A-Go-Go said:

I ran three WLP and always thought the typo'd  version sounded like an awesome tactical action.
Weren't there several big typos in the Diamond/Lotus era?

I always thought it should've been a terrain. I mean, come on! The plains! Look at them! They're so well laid!

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