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Wes Janson

Corellian Conflict Location Generator

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Hey all, just posting this random location generator for your Corellian Conflict games. No more auto picking repair yards, and enjoy the experience of having to work with what you have and fight for what you need. Enjoy!

Star Wars Armada

Corellian Conflict

Random Starting Location Generator


The intention of this chart is to provide a totally random campaign experience without having the modify the mechanical workings of the Corellian Campaign system. Note this may generate locations that are not well balanced, but may provide for a unique start to the campaign.

Following the normal rules, the Imperial players will start with a base on Corellia and one additional base location/player on the Imperial team. The Rebel team will also generate 2 locations/player and decide which ones will be bases and which ones are outposts after generating all of their locations.

The Corellian map if divided in two vertically down the center, contains 12 locations/half of the sector map + Corellia. For the purposes of the location generator, the chart will be divided into two Sector sub-lists. The side containing the planet Corellia will be the Corellia System Locations and the remaining map half will be called the Trade Spine Locations. Roll to determine which Sector sub-list chart the generated location will come from, then roll on that chart for the 1st or 2nd half of list, finally roll for the location itself. Re-roll already generated locations. You will need a 6 sided die (D6) to generate each location


Corellia: Imperial Controlled

Corellia System Locations (D6 1-3)


(D6 1-3)                                    (D6 4-6)

1. Phemis                                 1. Raider's Point

2. Froz                                      2. Vagran

3. Polanis                                 3. Plympto

4. Drall                                      4. Corfai

5. Selonia                                 5. Truzzdan

6. Talus                                     6. Sileria


Trade Spine Locations (D6 4-6)


(D6 1-3)                                    (D6 4-6)

1. Centerpoint                          1. Talfaglio

2. Tralus                                   2. Nubia

3. Crash's Drift                         3. Forvand

4. Saberhing Asteroid Belt       4. New Plympto

5. Aurea                                   5. Duro

6. Sacorria                                6. Xyquine II



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Perhaps the worthless worlds can be used as supply caches and to prevent the other side establishing an outpost/base there easily unlike before when it was an uncontested world. I mean if the Rebels has several worlds known to be under their controls, the Imperials can't possibly know which one of those is the main base beforehand without a scouting force or intel gathering first. As Imperials, they have to take back every world anyway to stamp out the 'rebel scums' and stamp out insurgency.

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Currently there are 2 worlds Phemis and Talfaglio, that are just reasons to fill in empty map space. There is no reason to want them or need them during campaign play. That will also be the case if you end up with one at random from the list at campaign start. I have a few ideas.

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