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Jukey's Graveyard...and Red Mountain Dunmer

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Complete Latari Dunmer of Red Mountain.


I went ash/lava rock ground, with fire oriented dark elves.

Complete Waiqar faction(so far..)

Maro complete besides basing.JMakOGr.jpg



Reanimate HordeGZecRAk.jpgVfNX4PV.jpgV0EFjCT.jpglgrsvbe.jpg

Reanimate BlighterslOtEoYl.jpglpxNbD2.jpgUgrmtIE.jpg

Carrion CrawlersT2ev1Xa.jpgdI3iFNb.jpgNCJCkQ4.jpg

Infantry upgradesCZgiSnv.jpgQZv2Xrl.jpgGPRMLE2.jpg

check out my carry case on page 2!



Daqan preview!DsbCrPu.jpg

The rest of the thread is a mess thanks to charging Photobucket, I'll fix it eventually. Thanks for viewing!


Original thread start, view my progression if you want.


I'm new to figure painting, and I'm enjoying it so far, even though it takes awhile. Here's my first reanimates, more to come in the future.



The base still needs work

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Grammer... and Photobucket

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2 hours ago, Jukey said:

I used a spray primer(never tried priming before lol), so that might be where the grain came from. Curious if I'd be better off with a brush on primer. Thanks for the input!

Chances are you were holding it too far away (relative to the temp outside) some of the paint dries before it reaches the model

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I think that may be my problem, I've been scared of getting too close and staying well out of 12" away. At least the undead are supposed to look dirty lol. Hopefully have my technique down before I get to the big pieces and the humans.

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10-14" is usually fine, further than 14 pretty much guarantees it will be a little grainy, closer than 10" you might overcoat it and fill the grooves up.

Usually i hold it about 10" apart and ONLY pass over the model, never start spraying pointed at it. The initial burst is usually ugly. The main trick is figuring out how fast to pass over it, and i cant really explain that one in words.

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Now that I've done a multi-color horde I plan on sticking to red with black accents and gold, or black with red accents and silver(I get bored of repeating the same scheme). 

The bases are made with eggshells and elmers glue. It's a very time consuming process but I'm happy with the swampy result. Also, the paint has to be layered, white, more white, bright green, more white, yellow, rock drybrushing, yellow wash, green shade, brown technical, and yellow highlights. Getting faster the more I do it in blocks.

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