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Homebrew Narrative Event: Mistwatch Madness

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So, local response to RMG has been HUGE.

My FLGS ordered 18 copies, sold them all, got in a few more, sold them, has more on order right now.

They've given me free reign to set up events, and given me core sets to split out for prize support. After polling my local group, it seems like the two things people are most excited for are full size tournaments, and narrative based events, so... I put together a "scenario" based on the story in the back of the Lore Guide, about the Mistwatch garrison, and the arrival of Waiqar's hordes led by Ardus Ix'Erebus.

I intend to match the players up based on faction and, depending on how each faction does in each round, progress along a tree just like the Launch Adventure, with a little read-aloud story context between rounds to describe the flow of battle, and eventually the outcome. I think this will be a fun event, playing through one of many garrisons on the borders of the Mistlands having to deal with the sudden arrival of the Undying legions of Waiqar.

I'd like to share with you gents the little story blurb I adapted from the Lore Guide. I'm not going to share the tree of objectives/deployments I put together, simply because I know some of my players frequent these forums, and that's no fun :P


  • 150 pts (Not everyone has two cores, and even with two filling out a full 200 can be tough. I feel like 150 is a good starting point where people can borrow a few models, and represents the unprepared nature of the Mistwatch garrison)
  • Full table size, 6'x3'
  • Proxying duplicates of owned upgrade cards IS allowed (Never enough copies of Rank Discipline)

Event blurb:

The free cities and Baronies of Daqan have been at peace with the surrounding lands for centuries.

To the north, the garrison towers of the Mistwatch stand, relics of a time when the superstitious feared the bones and spirits of the mistlands would rise to claim them in the name of a forgotten evil.

Gradually, the expanding borders of the kingdom saw villages spring up in the misty marshes past the garrison.

Still, the towers stood, ancient treaties keeping their halls garrisoned with conscripted farmers, peasants and rangers.

In the night, cries of pain and terror ring out across the mists, now. Villages settled in peace, set ablaze on the horizon, illuminating the low-hanging mists with an unnerving glow as the bones of the fallen once again stalk the Land of Steel, called forth by their dark master for unknown, fel purpose.

The Mistwatch must be rallied, the garrison must hold.

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7 hours ago, Waywardpaladin said:

Sounds like you have a lucky confluence of players there. My stores are all just overrun by 40K enthusiasts.

40k addicts.

When you've bought into a game to the tune of 4k+ you tend to blind yourself to the possibility that it may have been a mistake. ;)

Speaking from experience.

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