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Polda's Painting - Shrubberies & Skellingtons

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10 hours ago, Polda said:

A hobby knife and band-aids.

Been there too many times.  Reminds me of the time I stabbed myself with pinning wire.. turns out despite instant pull out it went 1/4" in.  Modelling is dangerous.

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On Wednesday, December 20, 2017 at 12:23 PM, Darthain said:

If only we had a word for mouth claws.

Chelistome from the word chela, meaning pincer, and stoma, meaning mouth. 

"Those chelistomes look horrifying!"

(The "ch" is pronounced hard, like a "k.")

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9 hours ago, Jabby said:

Did you win?

Yeah but they were my opponents first 200 point games and we only played a few 125 pts together before.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
In other news: MOAR COLORS! I am aiming for a mix of Uthuk with red, purple, green and blue spikes and weapons.



Edited by Polda

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Quick write up of the paints used for the Waiqar Wraiths. 

I knew I wanted to do something fairly simple whilst keeping the ghostly effect intact. I did not want them to look corporeal. Looking into some reference (Return of the King) pics, I decided on muted, light green with yellow-ish highlights.

I did not take pictures of the prep, priming and base coating process. 

Important notes:





Step 1: Prep and priming -> all the sanding, gluing and priming goes here. 


Step 2: Base coat (airbrushed) of 1:1 Vallejo Goblin Green and Vallejo Pale Flesh. This basically gave me something like Citadel Nurgling Green. 

Then paint the hands, face, ribs and sternum with 1:1 Kislev Flesh and Celestra Gray.


Step 3: Wash everything with Citadel Nihilakh Oxide.

Be careful not to apply this too heavily. NO has a tendency to dry thick if you over-apply it and if it does the thicker layer will form cracks.

The aim is for the recessed areas to still be pretty bright.


Step 4: Mix some Nurgling Green, water and a drop of Vallejo Glaze Medium (or Lahmian Medium, Vallejo dropper bottle is just easier to use) to make a glaze.

Highlight all the upturned cloth areas with this. 



Step 5: Make a glaze out of Citadel Ogryn Camo. Use that to highlight topmost parts of the cloth you previously highlighted. NJ65zQA.jpg

Step 6: Add a dot of Citadel Yriel Yellow to the Ogryn Camo glaze, more glaze medium and glaze this yellow-ish mix on end of the ribbons, inside the curves of the flowing cloth etc.

I did this a bit randomly, but still maintaining a focus on the top parts (the blindfold thing, that one ribbon going over the shoulder and top of the shall-we-call-it skirt)


Now this looks pretty dull right? Green, yellow. Could have just painted the whole thing Moot Green and drybrushed with celestra gray... Let's add some interest.


Step 7: Mix Ggryn Camo with Genestealer purple, about 1:2 and add Glaze Medium.

Now pick some downturned areas,or sides of the ribbons, curves in the cloth or flat areas neighbouring  your brightest spots (where you applied Ogryn + Yriel yellow.

Use the purple glaze to fill those areas in. Since we are not going to have a lot of light and dark contracts on these g-g-g-g-ghost we can use color contrast to add interest instead.

After the first pass, mix just Citadel Genestealer purple and glaze medium and give the model another pass with the purple glaze.

Look for areas where it still looks dull and add keep adding the purple in very thin layers.



Step 8: Take your base coat for the body parts (1:1 Celestra Gray and Kislev Flesh) and highlight the muscles, bones and face with it. 
Then add some white to the mix, and highlight smaller parts of the previously highlighted areas and also the teeth. 



Step 9: Paint your wraith a friend and base them both:



Now go paint some Wraiths. Wraiths are cool. 



Edited by Polda

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