Look, I get the whole Xwing thing..  I get having to buy all the ships if you want all the cards and want to compete tournament level.    Runewars is going to have AT LEAST 4 factions that we know of..  and trying to buy 4 armies worth of box sets just for some 0.10 card has me VERY VERY wary of putting any real commitment behind this game.  Nevermind the money, I just dont have the time or the shelf space to store that much stuff Im literally NEVER going to use.  However, this pretty much seems to be FFG's stock and trade is making people buy a model they already own 50 times just to get a tiny card out of the package.  (How many Tie Fighters have they released now?)   I get people dog the Workshop of Games on their prices.. but for a game like Runewars.. those prices are going to get REAL similar REAL quick when you gotta buy 3+ armies worth of boxes multiple times to play the ONE army you want.    If someone could officially put this one to bed, I'd be eternally grateful