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Empire - Navigation is the theme

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Got a new build to explore new (to me) facets of Armada. 

The last time I flew a four ship fleet, it was a mess. I had constructed a fleet that relied on each other, and so failed when each ship didn't do its thing per plan. Subsequently, I flew a simple three-ship fleet based on the principle of "Ships shoot, squadrons bomb". Simpler, effectiver. Except that lousy Raider which had a grand old time touring the galaxy rather than participating in the fight.

This fleet has four ships, but each is mostly self sufficient. The overall theme is "navigation". I want to build a VSD-based fleet with Jerjerrod but I don't have a Cruiser yet. This is an alternate exploration of navigation. Plus a Gozanti for the activation, and to try and figure out what the heck these things are for.


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Here's the fleet with slight revision, in text format. Any feedback is appreciated. My interest is to try a relatively high-activation fleet, low squadron build, and use navigation aggressively on the ships to maneuver the shooty ends at my opponent and/or race about collecting objectives. I've tended to win Initiative and get first player; here I'm allowing to be second player.
SHIP: Imperial II 120
Admiral Ozzel 20
Navigation Officer 6
Electronic Countermeasures 7
NK-7 Ion Cannons 10
Avenger 5
SHIP: Gladiator II 62
Navigation Officer 6
Engine Techs 8
Assault Concussion Missiles 7
Demolisher 10
SHIP: Raider I 44
Agent Kallus 3
Ordnance Experts 4
Impetuous 4
SHIP: Gozanti Cruisers 23
Expanded Hangar Bay 5
TIE Fighter Squadron × 3 24
Howlrunner 16
TIE Advanced Squadron × 1 12
Advanced Gunnery
Fire Lanes
Intel Sweep

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I would prefer Moff JJ as a commander. Extreme speed changes are ok but you can do that with dial and token for an occasional surprise and Jerry's extra turns at the first knuckle of the move tool mean you don't have to navigate as often so saving 12 on Nav Officers. Skilled first officers can be cheaper substitutes. 

Add Ordnance experts to the GSD and look at what the Suppressor/Avenger combo can do to ships without a double brace. Finally leading shots instead of NK7s will save enough for another Tie-F or to upgrade some to interceptors. 

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