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Colors of the 12 Baronies

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In the RWtmg "lorebook" of the starterbox on page 10, the guy on the far right is lord Zahareth. It s written, that he is the Baron of Cartridge.

In Descent 2ed he is the main villain of the old starter campaign (there he is baron of Rhynn). In the new starter campaign, there is a quest called "the return of the baron", there you fight once again against Zahareth.

In RWtmg he is obviously on the good side. So i m curious if FFG will change his Backgroung or if he will become evil, because he is not recieving the help he requested.

In the "lorebook" are some other links to Descent. Astarra is one of the Heros from Descent, this makes me think, that Descent play a little further in the future than RW.

And i m curious about that deserteur guy "Gherin". In Descent there is a "Brother Gherinn" (written with 2 "n") a priest who has a burned face, he cleanced himself with fire after something "shamefull" he did in the past. Might this be a coincidence or is this the same guy?

I m really eager to get my hands on "realms od terrinoth" sourcebook for genesys.




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