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Liking E Bala Tik, FN2199 and Royal guard

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looKing at some of the evil character combos, I think these three may work well in an agro deck, all four dice have good damage sides, 26 health with guardian, access to all three colours and FM2199 and Bala Tiks abilities means you can really keep up the pace of damage.



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Interesting combo, I won a tourney yesterday on tts running fn/dooku/raider only 3 character dice. It's super super effective. I'm interested in this set up as you get 4 dice and eBala ability is solid. My version ran almost strictly melee weapons except the rocket launcher. This deck is super solid, and depending on the build inputting eBala could be insane.

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Here is my build (1st in an 18 person pod, total entrants 34 I believe) excited for trying ebala, but skeptical due to lower hp, and survivability loss by not running dooku.
Name - 2199 problems but a FN weaPN ain't 1
Battlefield - Carbon Freezing Chamber
Character list - FN 2199/Dooku/Tusken Raider
Vibroknucklers x2
Vibroknife x2
Lightsaber pike x1
Gaffi Stick x2
Rocket Launcher x2
Lightsaber x2
Z6 Riot Control Baton x2
Flamethrower x2
Isolation x1
Feel your anger x2
Boundless Ambition x2
Unpredictable x2
Logistics x2
He doesn't Like you x2
Enrage x2
Manipulate x2
- Rebeltrooper

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