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Building a Battle of Scarif Scenario

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On 5/1/2017 at 8:29 PM, Chris Maes said:


Observations and suggestions:

1. The rules for pushing disabled ships was pretty straight forward but came with 3? pages of illustrations (not a criticism).  We would have found it helpful to have had more (or better yet, "clearer") description on what constituted a disabled ship and how to do that (ex. Would ANY weapon achieve that or did it have to be an Ion weapon?).  

2. The most confusing part of the rules, or so we felt, concerned the Scarif Gate ring, and how to disable/destroy it.  

- The rules for disabling the Turbo Lasers and Shield Generators seemed overly complicated and we were uncertain whether the ring could be attacked/destroyed without first destroying the guns/shields.  

- When attacking the Shield Generators, do they regenerate shields eachturn, or is it a finite number that is reduced by attacks... just like standard shields on ships?  

- The special effects of Ion weapons on the Shield Generators- are they permanent, or do they only last that turn?  We couldn't discern the author's intent. 

Recommendation: consider the HotAC rules for guns/shields, as these are simple, effective, easy to use.

3. Asteroids - why are there asteroids?  There is no reason they should be here based on the movie, unless they represent other "stuff" in orbit of  Scarif, like cargo containers awaiting transfer, raw materials, etc...  In our opinion, they just cluttered the table and slowed things down, with no "fluff" reason for their existence at all.

Recommendation: ditch the rocks.


Overall, we thought the scenario has promise... just needs some work to make it playable in a reasonable amount of time.

Thanks for playing it and taking the time to provide feedback. It's hard to see flaws in your own things and of course the rules make sense to me. 

1. Ok I'll clarify that. I thought I had that a disable ship is a epic ship with the rear disabled or a large base at half health and then 4 ion tokens.

2. Overall my intent was to force the rebel player to have to choose been attacking the shield gate still armed and shielded or destroy the shield and turbolasers first and then kill the shield gate.

So to answer your questions yes you can still attack the shield gate directly with the turbolasers and shield generators intact. They just provide green dice. 

Standard shield rules apply and ions remove a shield token just like an attack

3. Asteroids are there to prevent the rebels from just massing around the corvette and running at the Imperials in a mega swarm. I've found with them the Rebel players have to plan a bit more and vary the attack. The 2 times I ran it without them the rebels had too easy of a time  


Thanks agin for the feedback. 

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