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200 pt Waiqar, Shepherds of Rot, Wave 0

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With only the Core Set contents to work with, but three sets worth to spread around, I've been having a lot of fun seeing just how much Blight I can spit out each turn.

The Reanimate block is a tarpit to tie up any large infantry groups and spit some blight early on. Later turns see them using their Rally+Defend to survive hits from Rune Golems.

Reanimate Archers and Ardus source most of the damage, with the Carrion Lancers playing shepherd to the Archers, keeping a protective barrier in front to stop charges and add to their already prodigious blight production. If units stop to rally from the blight, they get bogged down and killed by archers. If they charge, blight keeps them from doing much damage while the Carrion Lancers set about their bloody work.

Ardus is, as usual, a walking blender, adding his incredible damage potential to the no-mans-land in front of the three archer groups and their Carrion guardians.


Shepherds of Rot

200 Pts

Ardus Ix'Erebus (43 pts)

  • 1x1 tray, 37 pts
  • Reaping Blade, 4 pts
  • Ancient Technique, 2 pts

Reanimates (61 pts)

  • 3x3 Trays, 50 pts
  • Terrifying Heraldry, 5 pts
  • Support Carrion Lancer, 6 pts

Reanimate Archers (22 pts) x3

  • 2x1 Trays, 18 pts
  • Rank Discpline, 4 pts

Carrion Lancer (15 pts) x2

  • 1x1 Tray, 15 pts


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This list can also take advantage of an old trick from Armada.

Against lists with fewer numbers of large units, small archer units and single lancers can be placed down to stall and see where your opponent deploys their big forces before you commit your big reanimate block.

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40 minutes ago, Kubernes said:

What do you do in the mirror match? I only mention that because I haven't seen anyone really talk about it. Would you slightly retailor the list or just use, as is?

For this list in prticular you can blight the reanimates to turn your carrion surges into wounds. Use your archers on Ardus then the other archers. Use your reanimates as a screen and Ardus as a flanker.

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