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Reforging the Shards (Tvay's Painting thread) Now with more Uthuk!

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UPDATE: Separating photos out a bit. 3D Terrain is on Page 2.

Well, now that we have proper forums, let's get started, shall we?

Starting with the Waiqar half of the core...





Carrion Lancer!


Waiqar as of the night before release, not quite done, but ready for demo games!


Arrayed, and ready for demo games!



UPDATE: Ardus Ix'Erebus finished



UPDATE: Added two Carrion Lancers with alternate poses



UPDATE: Ankaur Maro finished


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10 minutes ago, rowdyoctopus said:

Excellent job on the terrain!  How did you make the rocks?  Also, what technique did you use for the rust effects?

Why, thank you!

The rocks are floral foam, shaped by hand and painted with watered down wood glue to strengthen it and prepare it for painting.

The rust effects on the skellys (which I need to get around to doing on ALL the reanimates, not just a few) is just Army Painter's new Rust effect, stippled on. It's a pretty good, no-nonsense, super high pigment rust orange.

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Great looking army, and love the terrain. I'm curious I see you painted the movement trays up and added some nice bits. Are those trays textured already or did you add some grit etc before painting ? 

Also did you hand make the anti cav spikes or did you buy those somewhere and paint them? 

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On 4/16/2017 at 11:23 AM, banjobenito said:

Great work on the non-metallic painting on the armour. I've gone for metallic on my Daqan as I was put off by the amount of work involved in NM, but I may take the plunge for my Waiqar now, seeing how yours have come out...

Do it!

I've been talking about switching over to NMM for what feels like way too long. These guys are me taking the plunge and really getting in some solid practice.

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4 minutes ago, banjobenito said:

Are you using a video guide? I'm armed with an airbrush, so it shouldn't be too tricky, but I sense that NMM comes down to having a good eye for light sources, and knowing some nice tricks to achieve them.

This article has been my guide as of late. I highly recommend giving it a try!


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Brilliant work. Love the slightly more animation (in a good way) look on your undead. The basing work and your terrain is ace also.

The string on those spiked barricades looks awfully clean though...

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