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Giving team no chance for real succes

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what do you think about my idea:  ( ideas are changed and simplified for case that my players will read this) 

There is evil grand master who plan very complicated intrique in which acolites are part of plan, precising:

Evil plan is to weaken military forces on some planet (no matter why he want to do it) so he plan to sent his evil forces to that planet and start intrugue. His forces joining army and after few months/years they started to act like cultist group. 

Players comes into scene and cultist are just making very much fake tracks to some high officers or to main fortress. They do everything to force players to make decision to exterminate area or part of army. Cultis are ready to sacrifice themselfes to make cult existance more obvios.


Goal is to force players to follow evil plan, in my opinion there is no option for players who want to burn the heretics to leave this case. I dont predict that after reavealing cult they will analise is this cult is real or whatever.


I mean players will make standard investigation session, like normal session but succes will be in fact true failure. 


Is it moraly ok for GM to sending players in that case of situation when in my opinion i dont want to give them chance to not destroing cult and more innocent people ? They future is chosen by GM but they still can have fun of investigation. At the end players can be angry for me for not giving them choice.


At the end inquisitor can not be happy to open planet/sector for great danger, but in my opinion it is great opening for next andentures where players will desperatly try to stop this great danger( which in fact they create by themselves) 


What is Your opinion ?




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6 hours ago, ThenDoctor said:

Never force players to do anything. No one likes it and it never works out as well as you think it will.

Yep, what he said. It's fine to send your players on a mission where the most likely outcome is failure, but don't arbitrarily sabotage them if they think of a way to beat the odds.

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