Shadows in the Light (OOC)

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So I feel like a running shove would be Athletics not Coordination, though I can see the argument for Agility not Brawn.  Throwing a grenade would be Agility - Ranged light. 


Is that what you are going to do?


What are you doing in the other group, (At the slave quarters)?

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On 9/22/2017 at 3:22 PM, TheShard said:

So im thinking is it feasible to collapse the balconies so they fall into the areas where the slaves are milling about?

Right, I suppose it is feasible,  in that it is physically possible.  The walkways are attached to and hanging from the ceilings it would take an awfully lot of well timed damage to the hangers to cause them all to collapse.  Not to mention that a whole lot of metal walkways would then be falling onto the slaves below.

41 minutes ago, Darzil said:

Well, over 100 guards across the warehouses, but wondered how many in this one?

The Shard asked if it was feasible to bring down the balconies to the guards fall. How are they supported ?

There are basically 4 buildings.  Each has around 25 guards at any given time.  Did I describe their wandering patrols well enough for you to understand why I am not giving a specific number?

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Do they have munitions stored anywhere? If so I'd like to try and steal some.

My plan is not to collapse the balconies on the crowd below but to collapse one side causing it to "dump" the guards to the awaiting saves below.


So is there an armory? Whay weapons do the check point people have? Is there any mining equipment we passed that seems useful?

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