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Plastic glue -- now you tell me...

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On 4/14/2017 at 4:34 PM, eilif said:

If you find yourself in need of disassembling super glue (Cyanoacryliate, aka CA) assembled models, I recommend putting them in the freezer.  Once they get good and cold the glue often becomes very brittle (or the glue and model material react differently to the cold) and can be easily broken apart.

If you're dealing with metal models, then acetone or MEK will dissolve the super glue. Acetone and MEK will also dissolve plastic, but sometimes you can drip it into the joins and break the bond without damaging the surrounding model much.

If you're willing to sacrifice the paint job then tossing the model into a vat of Purple Power (or any other  degreaser with 2 butox-ethanol) will break down the superglue bond and the parts will easily come apart.  Of course it will also remove the paint.

As an aside, the strength of superglue also depends on the shape of the surfaces involved. If you've got a multi directional and matching surfaces like the puzzle piece runewars models, superglue will be super strong.  If you use superglue on two surfaces that are flat or mostly flat but not even, the bond won't be nearly as strong. Superglue has massive strength when you are pulling it apart, but much less "shear" strength.


Aye, I use Simple Green for the same purpose.

And yeah. Flush surfaces are where scoring and pinning come in handy.

I've been doing this sort of thing for nearly 30 years. :)

And I'm still learning.

Like how I'm falling in love with Army Painter Quickshade now that I'm familiar with it.

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